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Real Estate Law
  • Real estate transfer agreements (sale and purchase, exchange, gift)

  • Rental, occupancy and operating contracts for apartments, offices and shops

  • Representation in land registry and other official proceedings

  • Mortgage agreements for real estate collateral

  • Real estate advice

  • Condominium Law

Corporate Law and M&A
  • Establishment of businesses, registration procedures

  • Affiliates, commercial presence, branch offices

  • Non-profit organisations

  • Shareholders’ agreements

  • Compliance management

  • Sales and purchase of business shares, stocks, companies

  • Liquidation

Labor Law
  • Employment contracts, job descriptions

  • Internal regulations, employer manuals

  • Non-compete agreements

  • Termination of employment in legal frameworks

  • Issues related to personnel policy and corporate governance

Data Protection
  • Data privacy audit

  • Privacy statements and policies

  • Information Security Documentation Pack

  • Workplace privacy

  • Performing the duties of data protection officer

  • Advising on privacy issues

  • Representation in DPA proceedings

Debt Management
  • Voluntary performance guarantees

  • Notices of payment, settlements, declarations of obligation

  • Payment order procedure

  • Representation in legal proceedings to enforce claim

  • Bankruptcy and insolvency procedures

Family Law
  • Marriage and partnership contracts

  • Wills

  • Succession

  • Care and life annuity contracts

  • Divorce proceedings

Commercial Law
  • Trade agreements

  • Engagement contracts

  • Distribution and agency agreements

  • Logistics and warehousing contracts

  • Research and development agreements

  • Consumer protection

  • Confidentiality

  • Professional and amateur athlete contracts

  • Legal representation of sport associations

  • Sponsorship agreements

  • Policy drafting

  • Consultation with sport alliances

  • E-Sport

  • Participation in disciplinary proceedings and doping cases

Advertisement and Media Law
  • Supporting the proper execution of nationwide print, online and TV advertising campaigns

  • General terms and conditions and other legal documents for websites

  • License and publishing agreements

  • Regulated market introduction of web stores, digital services, software (e-commerce)

  • Regulation of prize games

  • Marketing law trainings for influencers (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok)

  • Advice on copyright infringement

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